Starting on Part-time students
Operating Principles and Procedures of Institutions of Higher Education Part-Time Students

The purpose, scope, basis and definitions
Purpose and scope
ARTICLE 1 - (1) These Rules and Procedures, the Law on Higher Education 2547 46.maddesine higher education institutions as a part-time temporary jobs can be run by the determination of the number of students, student selection, start work, and other relevant issues in order to determine the weekly working time organized.
ARTICLE 2 - (1) The procedures and principles of Article 46 of the Law No. 2547 of Article 20 of Law No. 5917 are based on the provisions of the last paragraph of Article different.
ARTICLE 3 - (1) This is the Procedures and Principles;
a) Head of Department: Higher education institutions Wellness, Culture and Sport Chairman
b) Unit: Part-time students working units
c) Unit Manager: Part-time students managers working units.
d) Part-Time Students: Higher education institutions and workers employed in temporary jobs are not considered as a part-time student,
d) Higher Education: Universities and Institutes of Technology
Determination of the number of employed as part-time students
ARTICLE 4 - (1) Units operating needs of students with part-time, temporary jobs, along with the reasons they want to run until the end of September, the Head of Department shall inform the SKS.
(2) The units operate on a part-time student numbers, they have to fulfill the tasks of the units, the units feature a part-time student with the need for human resources taking into account the cost of operation and budgetary units, as determined by the Department submitted to the approval of the Rector.
ARTICLE 5 - (1) part-time students in higher education institutions need to be taken by the student and the nature of the work, at the beginning of the month of October or in compliance with the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 4 of the Principles and Procedures required by the Department of periods of the units of each institution of higher education with the Web site published on notice boards .
(2) the announcement, which is how many part-time jobs, student run and what kind of units, the nature of the job to run, run conditions for students, weekly working hours and salary to be paid for an hour's work, the documents required for the application, the application the place and date clearly marked.
Conditions to be met to be run as part-time students
ARTICLE 6 - (1) Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution conferred to them by the terms of getting scholarships or scholarships that are offered to students by giving priority to students who meet the criteria listed below, students in higher education institutions as a part-time temporary jobs can be run:
a) With the exception of non-thesis master's degree students and special student, student of the higher education institution to be run,
b) to have received disciplinary action,
c) an orphan's pension and child support, except at the level of the minimum wage income, not to be
d) Part-time employed due to violation of the contractual agreement between the student and the institution to be annulled,
d) adequate for the job to run, the knowledge, skills and ability to have
e) students and foreign students who are not on leave,
f) to be educated within the normal academic year.
(2) The earthquake damaged by natural disasters such as floods, certifying that the child martyrs and veterans and disabled students, students to be enrolled in the regular academic year, foreign students, and disciplinary punishments outside the above conditions are not to be sought.
Approve the selection of students and
ARTICLE 7 - (1) run part-time students in higher education institutions, whether these procedures and principles do not carry requirements of Article 6 of article, financial situation, suitability in terms of skills and abilities that work should be executed, the program will work per week in terms of issues such as compliance work evaluated by a commission formed to operate the unit determined and notified to the Head of Department. The aforementioned list should be executed as a part-time Presidency submitted to the Rector. List approved by the President of each institution of higher education units with the Web site announced on bulletin boards.
Contract to
ARTICLE 8 - (1) Part-time execution of the decision, the student with the President's "Part-Time Students Operation Agreement" is signed.
(2) the agreement with the student, if the student to request the approval of the higher education institution and is renewable.
Daily, weekly working hours, administrative and financial provisions
ARTICLE 9 - (1) Part-time students are employed as working time to 15 hours per week.
(2) working days of the week distribution period, managers of the business units is determined by the starting and ending times.
(3) Laws adopted as national holidays and public holidays on days not try, but the weekend is open at night and on public holidays, when required by the business units of part-time students, the unit has to work these days at the request of the administrator.
(4) to work as part-time students, it is unacceptable for his work as a laborer.
(5) Part-time students in terms of social security Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, of the first paragraph of Article 4 paragraph (a) is considered insured under the provisions of, and are only about a work accident and occupational disease insurance. Part-time students regarding the termination of the insurance and social insurance declarations made by the Department.
(6) to work as part-time students working for an hourly fee to be paid, in accordance with Law No. 4857, which established for workers older than 16 years per day not to exceed one-fourth of the minimum wage, the university is determined by the board of directors.
(7) Part-time students payments are made on a monthly basis the budget of the Department.
Job description and job changes
ARTICLE 10 - (1) Part-time students will do the job and operations, working unit is determined by the pre-defined work plan prepared by the student will be notified.
(2) Unit managers saw the need to change part-time students can work on the unit. However, students are part-time cleaning units, transport and so on. be employed, such as heavy duty.
Obligation to continue to work
ARTICLE 11 - (1) Part-time students are obliged to set business hours at work before the end of business hours, and can not be separated from work without permission.
Part-time students' attitudes, roles and responsibilities
ARTICLE 12 - (1) Part-time students, the reputation and dignity of the unit is running or the actions or conduct prejudicial to the dignity of the task can not be found.
(2) Part-time students to be respectful in dealing with bosses and colleagues, their work impartially, is required to make full and on time.
(3) Part-time students, the tasks assigned to them in accordance with the instructions issued by the heads of the relevant legislation and procedures, and is responsible for fulfilling the obligation.
(4) Part-time students work in specific working conditions, work discipline, occupational health and safety laws, regulations, circulars, instructions shall comply with such regulations.
(5) Part-time students to perform their jobs with the utmost care and attention, and delivered to them property of the State is obliged to protect and ready for service at any moment.
ARTICLE 13 - (1) These Rules and Procedures, shall enter into force on the date to be effective from 01.09.2009.
ARTICLE 14 - (1) These rules and regulations, enforced by the Chairman of the Board of Higher Education.